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Our Web3 Service Offerings 

Fund Raising

We help you find the right investor for your venture and help you access our network of VCs, angels, accelerators, central exchanges for listings. 

Growth Strategies 

We help you find the right Go-To-Market Strategy. From finding the right influencers, to viral marketing plans, community hacks. 


We support you in conceptualizing your token economy. From the supply and demand side of your token economy, we help you find the right balance. We will also conduct token stress tests and token audits with our partners. 


Many Web3 companies struggle with operational excellence, cost discipline and efficient treasury management. We help you manage your P&L, treasury, cash flow and working capital management.  

DAO & Governance 

We help you design your ideal DAO and governance structure. From decision making to tooling  

Product Market Fit

From MVP to Mainnet, Dracoon will help you find and address the right audience. We help you with market sizing, defining test strategies for falsifying your hypotheses and eventually find product market fit. 

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